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The operator of the website is GVW Token GmbH, Fasangasse 12, 2102 Bisamberg, Österreich,

company register FN 493394 f (Landesgericht Korneuburg).


The legal basis for data protection is regulated in Austria in the Data Protection Act 2000, in Switzerland in the Data Protection Act 1992 and in Germany in the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG).

Für die Nutzung der Website der GVW Token GmbH gelten nachstehende Regelungen:


Conditions of use, warranty, liability


The usage of the website takes place at the user’s own risk. We assume no liability for published contributions, offers and services concerning correctness, completeness and functionality.

Link Policy

Cookies are short text files which collect information, usually including a username and the current date and time, stored on the local computer of a person using the World Wide Web. The cookies, which are used by GVW Token GmbH do not collect any personal data and can’t damage your computer, your tablet or your mobile phone.


How we use cookies

Many cookies on our websites perform essential functions; for example, when you log in to your GVW Token GmbH account, they remember the information in your account. Other cookies are not essential but they help us understand how our websites are used by visitors, so that we can improve what we do online. We use Web Analytics tools for this. They look at things like how long our websites take to load, how they are used, and what information visitors to our sites look at most. They also help identify any parts of our websites that aren’t working as well as they should – so we can fix things and make our websites better for you and other users. A third type of cookie lets us know how well our online advertising works, and where we should place our online advertisements. These cookies let us know if one of our advertisements on another website like Google or Yahoo has sent a visitor to a website of GVW Token GmbH. We may also use cookies to help us reach people who are more interested in GVW Token GmbH products. So if you visit this website you may see our advertisements on other sites. This is known as remarketing or behavioural advertising. We do not link information collected from cookies with any records we may have of you as a customer of GVW Token GmbH.

Types of cookies this website may use

Cookies fall into two general categories: first party cookies (which we set) and third-party cookies (which are set by third parties)

First-party cookies

These cookies are set by us at GVW Token GmbH. For the most part, they enable essential functionality on our website. They also include our own Web Analytics cookies, which we use to understand how our websites are used by visitors so that we can improve them.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are not set by GVW Token GmbH, but by selected third parties with whom we work. Some of these third party cookies enable useful services, for example online questionnaires or Live Chat. Others may be set by advertising networks we work with to keep track of your browsing activities, so that they can place our online advertisements in the most appropriate places. In the section below on “Managing cookies”, we explain how you can change your settings so that third parties (including advertisers) know that you do not want to be tracked.

Social media cookies

Some pages on our websites let you share our content through social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes we may embed videos from sites such as YouTube. These sites set their own cookies, which we don’t control. Those social media sites may have their own cookies policies, which, if available, would normally be contained on their websites. You should carefully review those cookies policies to make sure that you are happy with them.

Managing Cookies

The most popular web browsers all allow you to manage cookies. You can choose to accept or reject all cookies, or just specific types of cookies.

What happens if you reject all cookies?

You’ll still be able to use some parts of this websites but some useful sections won’t work if you disable cookies.

How to manage cookies in different web browsers

Most browsers will allow you to turn off cookies. Please note that turning off cookies will restrict your use of our website.
The following links provide information on how to modify the cookies settings on some popular browsers:

Internet Explorer

More information about managing cookies: is a useful resource with a lot of detailed information about cookies and how to manage them.

Links to external Websites

Please note that GVW Token GmbH is not responsible for the content of external websites. We update the links on our sites regularly, but sometimes the content of external websites may be overtaken.

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